Use the Outstanding Magazine Maker to Publish your Magazine Anywhere

Every single business needs advertising and marketing. There are many business would spend a lot to promote their business brand and products. However, what they get is a little bit disproportionate. Today, I want to share one smart way to help you promote your business easily and effectively. The first step to promote the business is to find one correct tool. I would recommend the outstanding magazine maker.


What are the benefits of the magazine maker?

I think the biggest advantage is cost saving. You may have no enough money to hire a team to package and market your business but you must have a little to learn the magazine maker. A perfect magazine maker would just require you little time and money to master. Secondly, another great merit is you can hold all the things in hand. Compared with handing the task to others, making marketing magazine by your own seems much more believable. You can control all the elements and steps about marketing and popularity. Now, take Mobissue, free HTML5 magazine maker as an example.


How Mobissue help to make and publish the magazine around?

Easily get started

Mobissue provides numerous templates and even hundreds of different presets, which ensure you have a wonderful beginning while making magazine. More importantly, you can begin with a PDF or some images, which is the quickest way to create interactive magazine. No coding and programming language required. Before starting decorate your magazine, it is better to choose the template and themes for the magazine, as well as the display devices.



Super animation editor

Mobissue processes one powerful animation editor. With the help of this editor, you are allowed to insert YouTube and Vimeo video into your magazine to give it detailed description. Secondly, as for the products, you can use the Ecommerce function to promote them. In addition, there are other multimedia supported to insert into the magazine, music, shape, links, slideshow and more. What is needed to be mentioned is the timeline and animation function. You have no need to be a professional designer to design your magazine, only with the timeline and animation editor. All is in real-time and all without writing a single line of code.



Satisfactory results

The last thing to package your magazine is to share it to all the people. The fastest way is to share its QR code to the public and let them open your magazine via mobile web browser. The magazine would appear perfectly formatted to the screen size in the browser. Secondly, you can publish it to local as the formats like HTML, EXE, ZIP and Email. Next, just send it via email to the audiences. Thirdly, share it online. After creating with the desktop client, you can share it immediately online and let others see your magazine.


How Does Flipbook Software Help You Design a Stunning Flipping Shopping Catalog?

Have you pay attention to this year’s Christmas big sales? Besides the biggest discounts, the wonderful digital shopping catalogs are the other highlight in this Christmas season. Various kinds of shopping catalogs are sent and delivered to people’s emails boxes. They would read on their phones, tablets, and computers. That is why the digital shopping catalog spread widely. It is so convenient for people to read the catalog and it would not course any troubles like the paper catalogs which are so troublesome to carry and are not so environmentally friendly. To tell you the truth, it is so easy to make such a shopping catalog with the help of some flipbook software. Here I have made some researches on one flipbook software, called Mobissue.

Below is one video to help you have a brief understanding of this amazing software.

Actually, Mobissue allows users create the catalog online or with the desktop client. Now I would spend some time to make a simple introduction about how to make a shopping catalog with these two ways.

Desktop client

1. Get started with Images
Mobissue offers two ways to create a digital flipbook, from images or from PDF. As for catalog, I would recommend you to create from images in order to freely add other contents and have your own layouts following. Choose some images of your products with the similar size and then import them into the software. All the images would be converted into one catalog. And then choose the presenting mode, Slide or Flip.

How Does Flipbook Software Help You Design a Stunning Flipping Shopping Catalog?

2. Give the catalog some embellishments
Mobissue enables you to add multimedia to a catalog.
Music – it is background music the most important thing of your catalog. It can help to catch audiences’ eyes.

Dynamic scene – one dynamic scene would add activity and creativity to your catalog.

Video – a simple video to introduce your promotion is needed.

E-commerce button – the key point to the catalog. With the help of the e-commerce buttons, you can sell your products directly in the catalog.

How Does Flipbook Software Help You Design a Stunning Flipping Shopping Catalog?

3. Publish and share
Mobissue allows you to publish your shopping catalog in 6 formats. HTML, ZIP, EXE, Email to, To FTP Server, and Save as Plug-in.

Online version

1. Firstly, you need to sign up for a free account and then upload images online.

2. Secondly, perfect the catalog information like title, description, keywords, category and more.

3. Thirdly, choose a template among Flip, Cool, Normal and Slide.

4. Fourthly, choose a scene in the given theme, such Ballon, Bubble, Cloud, and Flower.

5. Fifthly, complete the advanced settings if needed.

How Does Flipbook Software Help You Design a Stunning Flipping Shopping Catalog?

The main settings are as the following:
Background – choose the background color or upload an image online.
Background music – upload a beautiful song to polish your catalog.
Loading caption – the default caption should be “Loading”, you can change it according to your needs.
Book language – the default language is English. There are more than 10 kinds of language available to you.

6. Finally, if you have completed the information part. You can click “Create” to publish your catalog online.

How Does Flipbook Software Help You Design a Stunning Flipping Shopping Catalog?

7. After successfully creating, you can begin to share your catalog to people. There are four ways to share. Save the QR code and send to your audiences and customers. Copy and paste to send the book link to people. Share on the social network like Facebook, Twiter, Google+. Send your catalog via Email.

Promising PowerPoint Alternative with Zooming, Panning and Rotating Effects

Along with the development of technology, there are more and more PowerPoint alternatives emerge on the market.  Some of them may not good as PowerPoint, but some of them are better much than PowerPoint such as Prezi, Powtoon and Focusky. Today, I want to pay attention to the Focusky with its unique zooming, panning and rotating effects.

Some people would question the function of those effects. I can 100% sure after reading this article. You would love them and clear yourselves with the functions.

  • Zooming &Panning

Firstly, I would talk about the advantage of zooming and panning. Emphasize the import part of one picture or your product or anything else. Zoom in to make it much clearer to your audience. There is one thing need to be underlined that no matter how large you zoom in, the canvas is still clear as before for it is vector. Just rolling your mouse on canvas, you can easily zoom in and out of the object without blurring. Use pan and zooming to direct the audiences’ attention exactly.

Promising PowerPoint Alternative with Zooming, Panning and Rotating Effects

  • Rotating

We all can understand the literal meaning of “rotate”, but how does the presentation rotate? Actually, it means that from frame to frame, it can finish the transition through rotating. What’s the rotating angle of the frames? It is all up to you. Use the mouse to change the angle of the frames. When presenting, you would see the stunning transition effect brought by the rotating function.

Promising PowerPoint Alternative with Zooming, Panning and Rotating Effects


Zooming, panning and rotating are all can be done in Focusky without hassle. The presentation with these three effects should be focused on by much of audiences. By the way, these three effects is a drop in the bucket of Focusky. Below I would introduce more detailed functions for you guys.

  • Multimedia freely inserted

Different from PowerPoint, Focusky allows users insert various kinds of multimedia into the presentation.

Music – a presentation cannot be perfect without a piece of appropriate music.

Shapes – tons of shapes in the material library are available for everyone.

Video – further illustration of your theme and presentation. Catch the attention from audiences in the first time.

Slideshow – easily insert a photo gallery in the presentation to show more details of the topic and save more room for other contents.

Promising PowerPoint Alternative with Zooming, Panning and Rotating Effects


  • Multiple output formats

The PPT only can be opened by PowerPoint while the presentation made by Focusky can be open by any device. In Focusky, you can publish your presentation through 9 formats. HTML, EXE, ZIP, Uploading online, Video and more. (Know more on Next, just share the presentation via email to all your audiences. Besides, you are allowed to share your presentation on the social network like Facebook, Twitter and more. Let the world see your wonderful presentation.

How to Use Foucsky Presentation Software to Pack out Your Products

As the saying goes, clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. In today’s society, almost everything counts on a package. Therefore, the fastest way to make your products known widely is to pack out your products. The advertisement is one of the effective ways to achieve the goal. How to make one stunning advertisement or presentation to shine your audiences?

Along with the development of society and technology, more and more people have been beginning to utilize presentation software to make an animated presentation for their products. Here is Focusky I want to share with you guys.


What are the advantages of animated video presentation for packing out products?

  1. Better than only advertisements

As we all know, an advertisement cannot contain many contents because of its cost and market positioning. And sometimes, there is not enough for pushing the sales of products forward. But for one video presentation, you can introduce your products in detailed so much so that attracting much more potential audiences and customers.

  1. Vitality and fascinating effects

Presentation made by the Focusky is not only one simple presentation but also one animated video. All things are under your control. Spinning the frame, adding animation, inserting multimedia and more. All those make one vivid and amazing animated video presentation.

  1. Reach more audiences

This would be one presentation reach everywhere without limitation of time and space. You have no need to carry the presentation from here to there or deliver it to each of your audiences troublesomely. Once meeting, just sends each of your audience the presentation via email, you can share your idea online without a meeting room.

So what would you get from Focusky for one animated video presentation?

  • Insert multiple media as you like

Foucsky provides users a powerful toolbar for designing and editing. Here you can insert video, music, shape, animated roles, flat icon and more. All these are free and offered by the Focusky library. What you need to do just choose some of those matching with your theme and then inserting.


  • Amazing slideshow in your video presentation

Have you ever thought of a slideshow in your video presentation? You can make it in Focusky. It is a great way to present the products in detail depending on an overabundance of images. You can choose some of the detailed pictures for one product and then insert into the software. It is time to choose a slideshow mode for the images. One of the biggest advantages of slideshow is saving room and making the layout neater.



  • Give your presentation the animation

The biggest shining point of Focusky is its animation editor. It is this animation editor makes your presentation an animated one. Choose the appropriate objects, and add entrance, emphasis and exit effects for them. In addition, you can add action patch for your objects to make it move further on the canvas. Make the presentation much more attractive.


To sum up, after the above statements of Foucsky, if you are still confused and curious about this amazing presentation software, you can move to its official website for more details.

Secret Weapon to Promote Amazing HTML5 Flipbook Contents

An increasing number of industries have begun to publish books for their business in order to promote their products. However, few of them pay attention to the books themselves. The readership range of the books directly decides the sale and brand awareness of your business. Obviously, promote the book contents is the first priority. Maybe you have already the hire a big designing team for design and publish your books but it can’t play the role as a Sales & Marketing Department. Now, there is a secret weapon to combine the parts of designing, publishing, selling and marketing into one. It is the professional HTML5 flipbook maker, AnyFlip.

How AnyFlip helps to package and promote your book contents.

  1. E-commerce and monetization of your flipbook

After publishing your digital flipbook, you can begin to make it profitable. Depending on Google AdSense service, you are allowed to displaying ads related to your content on your flipbook. Besides that, you can add an advertising banner of video, photo slideshow with hyperlinks to your flipbook to promote your products. More than that, your products can be sold directly on the flipbook. Add e-commerce button for the products and insert buying links. Or you can apply hotspots for highlighting the products with hyperlinks. What’s more, adding purchasing and shopping cart button for products can be deemed as a good way to do business.

Secret Weapon to Promote Amazing HTML5 Flipbook Contents

  1. Branding

Loading logo is the first thing while opening one book. So if your business logo is the loading one, it would be the direct way to make your brand known by each reader. In addition, you are also allowed to change the flipbook logo on the toolbar to your own business logo. Customize domain of the flipbook URL with your own domain seems to be another wise way to improve brand awareness. You can change the domain from to  All in all, applying these three ways, you would have nothing to worry about.


Secret Weapon to Promote Amazing HTML5 Flipbook Contents

  1. SEO-friendly

It is amazing to tell you that all contents made by AnyFlip can be SEO -friendly just like other websites, blogs, and online articles. Contents in your flipbook are designed to employ SEO techniques just like others. What is the specific advantage of that? The first thing is the readership. Through search engine optimism, your contents or books are easier found by readers for they are put on the top of the search engine heap. Secondly, the larger readership ranges your flipbook is, the more customers of your products. And what is worth to mention is that this SEO technique would not cost you one penny. The contents are automatically friendly in SEO.  Nothing is more convenient and economical than that.

Secret Weapon to Promote Amazing HTML5 Flipbook Contents

After understanding the above three ways to promotes your HTML5 flipbook, are you feel surprised and amazed like me? By the way, AnyFlip, the simple but interactive flipbook maker can help you edit, design, and publish HTML5 flipbook in minutes. Know it better from the official website.

How to Convert PDF to Flipbook with AnyFlip

Have you ever come across the wonderful digital flipbook? I just wonder whether you will have the same views of mine that the flipbook is so amazing to grasp my heart. Recently, I have spent some time to figure out the easiest way make one flipbook. So much luckily I find AnyFlip. It is the free and easy-to-use software to help you convert PDF to Flipbook.


What are the advantages of flipbook compared with the paper book?


  1. Low cost and simple processing: You have no necessary to think about the layout and design and go to print it into tons of paper books. What you need to do just prepare one PDF file. And a free account of AnyFlip. You can import or upload PDF into Flipbook.


  1. Further delivering and wider audiences range: You only can deliver paper book one by one to people and it is almost impossible for you to reach each person in the world. However, you can easily share the digital flipbook to the world. Let each person see your works. In this way, you can enlarge the audience range without hassle.


  1. Lively and interesting: the paper book just shows pictures and texts to readers, which cannot be rich enough to catch audience in the first sight. Unlike the paper book, a flipbook made by AnyFlip can be decorated by lots of multimedia like music, video, slideshow and more. Thus, the flipbook must be amazing enough to attract each audience.


The detail steps to import PDF to AnyFlip

How to Convert PDF to Flipbook with AnyFlip

Choose one or several PDF file and then import into AnyFlip. Of course, you can set much more before the PDF(s) imported.


  1. Page quality and size: Yes! You can decide the quality and size of your pages in the flipbook. But what you need to notice is that the higher quality of your pages, the more disk space required and the more time to download. All is up to you.


  1. Render engine: Different render engine give your flipbook different showing effects. You can choose one among SWF, GPL Ghostscripts and Inner Library according to your needs.


How to Convert PDF to Flipbook with AnyFlip


  1. Watermark Editor: if you want to protect your contents from stealing by others, set watermark for every page for the flipbook can be a nice option. Or if you want to present your business logo and improve brand awareness, you can add watermark to achieve that.


  1. Correspondence with the original PDF: you can tick to choose import the bookmark, links in PDF into the flipbook to free from many troubles.


  1. Widepage Cut Setting: you can re-cut the page of your flipbook for a better layout.


The above is the details about importing PDF to Flipbook. If you are so interested about AnyFlip, just learn more from